ERVET presents the social cooperative Zerocento

ERVET's interviews with social enterprises in the frame of RaiSE study on the social enterprises ecosystem continue with the social cooperative Zerocento.

The Faenza Social Cooperative "Zerocento" operates in multiple age groups

The name “Zerocento” was selected to symbolize a qualified and not specialized vocation of the cooperative, which today works in the field of welfare full spectrum, including multiple age groups from 0 to 100 and responding to different needs.

Zerocento has a leadership position in Ravenna province (Emilia-Romagna Region) and among national enterprises in the sector of care services. With 409 members and 128 workers/employees, of which 65% are under 45 years old and with more than 100 active projects, Zerocento receives more than 3000 users of every age group.

Cooperative management is convinced that "it is necessary to experience forms of flexibility in services, although this would require wider action areas and would entail higher costs for families. Although private partnerships have always existed, they are also consolidating on the basis of lower available public resources ".

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