ERVET interviews the social cooperative Open Group 

ERVET’s interviews with social enterprises in the frame of RaiSE study on the social enterprises ecosystem continue with the active social cooperative Open Group operating in Emilia-Romagna.

Open Group's story begins with three small cooperatives active in Bologna that in 2014, strong in their thirty-year experience, chose to join and create a multi-sectoral entity to provide broader and diversified responses to the needs expressed by territory. 

"The driver who spurred this union was the desire to mix different languages and, on the basis of this contamination, rethink spaces and services to make them even more sensitive to new needs" 

            Caterina Pozzi, Managing Director of Open Group Soc. Coop.

Today Open Group is active in the social and educational sectors; it manages cultural heritage as well as communication and information, dependencies, integration, housing emergencies, street education, school support, training and job placement of disadvantaged groups.

It is also publisher of two radio stations “Radio Città del Capo” and “Radio Libera”.

"We do not stop and we want to focus on the DIGITALIZATION of our services, on training and on internal organizational processes”

            These are the conclusive reflections of Open Group CEO.  

For more information about Open Group, you can visit: