Why produce basil in Emilia-Romagna? 

The Social Cooperative Bettolino: an example of social farming in Emilia-Romagna

The Social Cooperative Bettolino produces basil in the inter-communal dump

15 years ago, an agreement was reached between the municipalities of the Lower Reggiana and the inter-communal landfill of Novellara in the province of Reggio Emilia. Waste disposal generated gas that, piped into engines, produced electricity and heat that could be used in greenhouses. Which product would need a lot of light and heat if not basil? There was thus a synergy between Bettolino and the inter-communal landfill.

Another challenge faced by the Social Cooperative was to compete on the market with all other producers. The Cooperative is ISO 14001 certified (Environmental Certification). In addition to production activities, Bettolino has entered into agreements for the inclusion of people with disabilities in cooperatives in order to activate rehabilitative socio-therapeutic pathways.  


More information about this great social cooperative in http://www.ilbettolino.it/