Second stakeholder group meeting in Catalonia

The Catalan stakeholder group for RaiSE celebrated the second meeting on 6 July 2017 in ACCIÓ's premises. 

Objectives of the Catalan Stakeholder group for RaiSE

The meeting began with a reminder of the purpose of the “regional stakeholder group”: it consists of public and private institutions that advice or have influence in the public policy that the project wants to improve. Stakeholders are invited to participate in internal Catalan meetings and international project meetings.  

Overview of the project meeting in Budapest (16-17 May 2017)

Budapest project meeting was explained to the stakeholder group. The stakeholders that came to Budapest meeting (Taula del Tercer Sector and Social Business City/Tandem Social) highlighted how beneficial it was for them to participate in Budapest project meeting.  

An overview and a video of the project meeting are available on RaiSE website: 

Preliminary results of the study “Social Enterprises Ecosystem in Catalonia”

Tandem Social, RaiSE stakeholder and at the same time the consultancy in charge of the study on the “Social Enterprises Ecosystem in Catalonia”, presented to RaiSE stakeholders the preliminary results. The study will be finished during Summer and presented officially in ACCIÓ’s premises in October. 

Next project meeting in Bologna (20-22 November 2017)

Stakeholders were invited to participate in the next project meeting, which will be held in Bologna on the 20th, 21st and 22nd November. The Lead Partner committed to send a draft agenda to stakeholders very soon, and stakeholders committed to express their intention to join the meeting before the beginning of September.

A possible joint workshop with two more Interreg Europe projects focused on social enterprises, which would be celebrated in Brussels in December, was explained to stakeholders, and they showed a great interest on the event. 

Thank you, Catalan stakeholders, for your commitment and involvement in RaiSE project!