First stakeholder group meeting in Scotland

The first Scottish stakeholder group meeting for RaiSE project was held in Edinburgh on Friday 23 June 2017.

The meeting was very well attended with 29 persons present, representing 19 organisations, and reflecting Scotland’s strong co-production approach to the sector. Representatives included Scottish Enterprise, Scottish Government, Social Firms Scotland, Social Enterprise Scotland, Social Investment Scotland, Social Value Lab and Business Gateway. This meeting was the first strategy forum following the launch of Scotland’s 10 Year Social Enterprise Strategy and the Scottish Social Enterprise Action Plan.   

The primary aims of this meeting were to:

  • introduce all stakeholders to the RaiSE Project and its objectives;
  • explore the opportunities that RaiSE and other programmes offer the region within the context of the national action plan;
  • progress key developments including the Census/Research mapping and activities within Scotland’s action plan.

A comprehensive presentation was given to outline the purpose and objectives of the RaiSE programme and to ensure delegates were aware of its relationship to the current Scottish social enterprise policy and strategy work.

The presentation outlined the key activities within the 2 phases of the 4.5 year programme and highlighted the key work taking place through the Census and Research mapping. Feedback was provided regarding the recent study visit to Budapest and the potential for the Scottish study visit introduced. 

Informal meetings with key partners will continue throughout the summer with another Stakeholder meeting due to look at additional issues before the end of December 2017.

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