The topics discussed were the following:

1. Possible themes of future stakeholder meetings of both projects were presented and it has been suggested the introduction of the theme of innovation and renewal of production processes that may be interesting for start-ups and PMI.

2. All stakeholders agreed on the importance of education/training, both basic and specialized, having found lack of economic competencies in young start-uppers. They seek to strengthen actions on "initiative’s culture" through specific projects to be conducted in collaboration with incubators, Universities and Schools of Specialization.

3. The stakeholders pointed out the importance of promoting a favourable tax policy and the creation of a Urban area to create a cluster that would consolidate the presence of start-ups in the area, once they have passed the start-up phase. The role of the Public Authority is very important to promote and coordinate a network among start-ups, education and training area and financial services. It was emphasized that the local Public Administration should not leave behind any of the economic and social fields relevant in our country.

4. They also suggested to organize conference calls or meetings at different hours, such as early morning, evening or Saturday morning.

5. All the stakeholders were invited to attend the Info day on Erasmus for young entrepreneurs on 15th December 2016 which will be organized by Promofirenze at the Auditorium of PromoFirenze (4th floor) at 02.00 p.m., Piazza del Grano, 6, Florence. The Erasmus program is aimed at anyone who is actually motivated to start a business or entrepreneurs or who have started their own business in the past three years, with the aim to encourage opportunities to meet and discuss directly with already established entrepreneurs in other countries of European Union. The program provides for stays abroad lasting from 1 to 6 months and for which you can receive grants from the European Union. Event Info: