On September 17th, 2018, the revised and improved policy instrument “Business Advisory Program for SMEs” (German: Beratungshilfeprogramm für Unternehmen) was published.

This policy instrument supports SMEs which are in need of funding for business advice by co-financing consultation expenses and fees.

The changed policy instrument includes several simplifications such as:

• clear and concrete descriptions of services eligible for funding

• simplified application procedure for new eligible advisory content

• more flexible assessment basis for expenses and fees

• advisory content can be provided by a range of consulting firms considering a variety of competences

This publication of a new and improved policy instrument marks the second success for the PURE COSMOS Regional Action Plan in Saxony-Anhalt. After the very insightful realization of two customer journey workshops with wide-ranging implications for regional policy, it is another major milestone on the way to implementing all 6 regional Actions.


Image source: Landesportal für Unternehmen und Gründer Sachsen-Anhalt