The West Midlands region in the UK is set to host the UK’s first multi-city 5G test bed, paving the way for the future rollout of 5G across the nation. There will be a 5G hub in Birmingham as part of the pilot scheme and the rollout will initially focus on the health, construction and automotive sectors. It also aims to help residents to participate in new digital technologies and digitally transformed public services.

The West Midlands will become one of the first locations in Europe to experience the benefits and opportunities 5G will bring having been chosen as the UK’s first 5G area, testing the technology before a national rollout. This globally significant project, receiving up to £75m of public investment will allow the region to further establish its reputation as the home of digitally-powered industries and innovation and ensure that our businesses and talent stay ahead of our global competitors. 

Greater Birmingham is already home to one of the largest tech and digital clusters in the UK, with strengths in industries such as medtech and fintech. Yet it is clear that every single sector of value in this region will benefit from the arrival of 5G. Being at the forefront of this new technology will help to attract investment, stimulate R&D, improve productivity and ultimately create jobs here. We already have a young and diverse population that boasts ambition and entrepreneurialism – 5G will transform the opportunities available to the people who live and work here. 


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