The Greek Independent Authority for Public Revenue converts the taxpayers (citizens and SMEs) in a great collaborator. SMEs can check online or through smartphone apps if their client or vendor is "suspect" and may be involved in tax evasion, counterfeit and virtual invoicing cases.

The Independent Authority for Public Revenue put into operation a new online service "Basic data of Taxpayer". This service is currently available only for businesses and not for individuals.

The goal is not only to make it easier for each busness to retrieve its Entrepreneurs' Registry data in order to prepare and submit statements but, above all, to isolate suspicious business VAT numbers from the rest of the market. By setting businesses to check who they are trading with, the Ministry of Finance aims at diminishing false invoicing and virtual transactions (especially with non-existent signatures), while tax officers will be significantly helped against tax fraud.

Initially, an SME must visit the Independent Authority for Public Revenue official website and choose "Services to Business" - "Tax Services" - "Register" and then "Business Basic Data Search" service.

To meet the SMEs expectations and to promote well -designed electronic collaboration between the SMEs and the Public Sector, the electronic infrastructure, developed by the Independent Authority for Public Revenue, will be also available to IT developers who can develop software for PC, tablet or smart phone to make it easier for all interested parties including SMEs to easily access and use the service wherever they are, by using a Username and Password.