A new service can be used by the Municipalities of Central Macedonia in order to ensure the continuous improvement of the efficiency and the effectiveness of their services at a very low cost, in a short time.

"SGPnet (SharingGoodPractices) is a tool presented at a Workshop organized in Thessaloniki by SOL Consulting, in partnership with PETA SA. the Development Agency of Local Authorities, which promotes business, economic and sustainable development of the Greek municipalities and regions in cooperation with the Regional Association of Municipalities of Central Macedonia (PED-KM).

The new SGPnet tool looks for service operation already being offered by different local authorities and has proven to have the best results in offering municipal service. The tool recognizes the "good practices" already implemented and proposes well-documented improvements. PETA SA uses benchmarking techniques and a set of predefined indicators that reflect the efficiency and effectiveness of each Municipality (10 functional areas of activity are analyzed and "scored" in each participating Municipality). The processes are assessed on the option of how possible it is to be adopted by other municipalities as well.

The benefits: 

A Municipality that will use the new service, SGPnet, will receive many benefits, such as:

* A documented diagnostic study for the whole range of the Municipality activities.

* Improved services provided to citizens and businesses.

* Improved efficiency & effectiveness through proven practices.

* A new administrative culture created, based on measurable models and data.

* Contribution to strategic planning and business planning.

* Support to secure financial resources.

* Strengthening of cooperation between local authorities with mutual benefits.