On 26/09/2017 – 03/10/2017 the Municipality of Florence meeting organized a participative activity involving specific stakeholders among Municipal OSS officials, Association of categories interested in the field of food and beverage businesses, SMEs, other PA related to the topic , UNESCO Regulation experts. 

During this first meeting the discussion was handled with the brainstorming technique. In particular, participants were asked to identify keywords related to two thematic axes: quality of supply and relationship with the city.

During the second meeting, however, two worksheets in parallel were confronted with the objectives set for each of the two thematic axes, in terms of sharing actions to be put in place, possible obstacles, ideas and proposals.

Two topics which were analyzed are:

TOPIC 1 Quality of the offer

1. How to improve the quality of reception

(overall offer context, courtesy of staff, price transparency and materials)

2. how to guarantee, identify and describe the product (origin of the product, story of the territory, creativity of the offer, etc.)

3. how to qualify and innovate the professional profile of entrepreneurs through targeted training courses (needs’ listening, market analysis, knowledge of the rules)

TOPIC 2 Relation with the city

1. Ensure urban viability (public quiet, security, sociality, cleanliness)

2. Facilitate accessibility (pedestrian zones, connections and car parks, logistics)

3. Qualify the relationship with public space (urban furniture, decoration, lighting signs, re-occupation spaces, return to the city)

4. Plan the offer (balance, functional mix, distribution, virtuous reuse, destination use)