The mechanism for supporting the "Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem” in the Central Macedonia Region in now made available through an OSS, which was the commitment of the Central Macedonia Regional administration, aiming at reducing bureaucracy and delays . The creation of the structure will be funded by the NSRF of the Region of Central Macedonia, with a total budget of 1.357.000 euro.

This mechanism is expected to provide interconnection of research entities and producers of innovation with enterprises, to boost competitiveness of regional products and to put an end to the inconvenience and difficulties of businesses and prospective investors, as this new one-stop service will act as a point of information and interconnection, and will undertake a series of procedures until the final approval and licensing of an investment plan.

The creation of the OSS is part of the strategy for smart specialization RIS3. The OSS will set up a mechanism for monitoring and evaluating interventions as well as to revise the Smart Specialization Strategy in the Region of Central Macedonia

The aim of the facility is to provide information on the physical and economic implementation of RIS3 interventions, both to the RIS3 Coordination and Management structures, as well as to policy-making and strategic decision-making structures (Regional Governor, CEEP, ERC, GSRT etc. ). At the same time, this mechanism will play a catalytic role as a focal point for mediation between the academic community and the market, but also between the Region and business investment.

The monitoring mechanism includes the following services among others: -

-Collection and processing of information on the achievement of the expected outcomes and results of the Strategy as they are developed and updated through the process of business discovery.

-Support offered to the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Support Directorate (AΔΥΚΕ),in order to coordinate interventions of RIS3 Regional Strategic Objectives.

-Support offered to institutions involved in the strategic governance level of Regional RIS3 on planning and documentation of regional RIS3. Support the Directorate by providing reports and suggestions on RIS3 issues.

-Support the Directorate in monitoring the progress of Regional RIS implementation through the creation of a data collection system from various sources of data disclosure, analysis and comparison with the RIS3 indicators, strategic objectives and vision, processing and compiling reports, using as automated as possible a process that will compose a broader set of tools and methodologies (Business Intelligence).

-Support of a one-stop liaison office between the academic and research institutions of the Region of Central Macedonia through which companies will be able to search for: (a) research teams, (b) intellectual property rights to be assigned, (c) (d) laboratory equipment and research infrastructures to be used; (e) demonstration projects; (f) provision of technical support for the exploitation of opportunities and synergies within RIS3 (OPEN) EC, ROP, HORIZON, etc.).

- Creation of a cooperation platform on innovation and entrepreneurship.