The IB, Development Bank of Saxony-Anhalt in Magdeburg analysed the situation of its customers and their emotions during the application procedure.

 The workshop „Customer Journey Mapping – seeing the world as customers do“ took place on August 23, 2017 within the INTERREG Project PURE COSMOS partly financed by the EU.

 The aim was to find out how they could improve the application procedure in order to increase customer satisfaction.

 A longstanding IB-customer (owner of SME) and his consultant, members of two chambers of commerce and industry as well as colleagues from IB took part in the journey.

 The result is a large variety of suggestions for improvement for all funding schemes IB is implementing. For example, the necessity of an IB-customer-portal and system e-mails to the customer about the current processing status. For a customer-friendly application we will completely revise the application form structure (content-related and formal) in the next weeks.

 In spring 2018 they will have the next „Customer Journey Mapping“ concerning another funding scheme.