The RSG identified that there is much digital information online regarding procurements, supplies to public authorities etc. The problem is how this information reaches the businessmen and not the vice versa.

Responding to a suggestion of creating an e-tool that collects procurements form different digital platforms and sends an email to relevant businessmen an expert mentioned that digitalization of services is good, though it could overload SMEs with more information. A special person should be hired just to check incoming e-mails regarding future procurements. He also mentioned that often businessmen have to be “enslaved” to the specifications of a digital system, instead of being fully served by a customized application.

Another suggestion was to keep in mind 2 criteria for successful applications:

1.the application should give to the final user what exactly he needs

2. the long time maintenance of the application .

A directory was suggested as well including all businessmen interested in contracting public authorities, should be created. After its creation, the public authorities should be obliged to send an e-mail to all directory businesses copying the link on with the relevant procurement.

Other interesting suggestions were the creation of a thematic incubator (e.g. for artists only). The OK –THESS Pre-incubator in Thessaloniki can host 30 enterprises. 25 applied to a call, only 8 were capable to be hosted. So there are incubators but they don’t seem to support much the start-up economy. A problem of accelerating of start- ups is that we don’t have many business angels.

The discussion ended by giving all RSG members food for thought.

ANATOLIKI asked the contribution of RSG members until next week on the field of the PEER REVIEW thematic, to be finalized by the end of the year.