Due to COVID19, the second stakeholder meeting in Ghent was held online.

After a general introduction, the meeting focused on the Regional Action Plan to improve the “Spatial Structural Vision 2030 – Space for Ghent”. This is the policy instrument that the City of Ghent chose to review, improve and implement throughout the PROSPERA project. The central questions were:

  • How can public land contribute to the objectives for open space that are stated in “Space for Ghent”, such as food production, nature, recreation and climate adaptation?
  • How can this be investigated- and maybe even tested? - within PROSPERA?

Furthermore, the program of the field visit in Ghent and the overall approach of the other field visits was discussed. This allows stakeholders to start considering their attendance.

Topics discussed: overall project objectives; role of stakeholders within PROSPERA; approach of the Regional Action Plan; field visit Ghent and project partners.