At this difficult time, when the health emergency has dramatically changed the lives of all of us, we would like to point out this initiative launched by the Municipality of Reggio Emilia, which has decided to be even closer to its citizens, listening to their thoughts and needs.

The survey Reggio how is going, is a way for the Municipality to regain the active participation of its citizens and is a first step that will be followed by collaborations, interviews, participatory culture and good practices. The survey collects information about the various areas of the city and therefore also about peri-urban areas.

Among the questions, citizens are asked how they live their neighbourhood and what are the challenges of their neighbourhood. In particular, citizens are asked what actions should be taken in their neighbourhood, for example; creation or enhancement of personal services (e.g. care for the elderly, the disabled, children and adolescents, health and sports orientation). Activation of projects for the quality of the environment. Activation of urban agriculture projects (urban gardens, shared gardens, shared orchards, ...)

All these questions will give a detailed picture of the perception and needs that citizens feel about the neighbourhood in which they live, be it urban or peri-urban area.

We believe that the results collected with this survey will be useful in the first instance as the administration's response to Covid-19, but results can be also discussed and analysed with regard to the PROSPERA project, because they could bring out important issues for citizens living in peri-urban areas that therefore deserve full attention by the Municipality itself.