Main topics:

  • Presentation of the Prospera project
  • Description of the two phases of the project:
  • Phase 1 Learning at local and European level
  • Phase 2 Implementation of the local action plan

The intraorganizational workshop involved several departments of the Municipalty, both at political and technical level. The workshop represented an important moment of discussion on the Municipality’s priorities in the different policy areas and, consequently, an occasion to share the cross-sectorial opportunities provided by PROSPERA project.

Particular attention was dedicated to the inputs received from the local stakeholder group about the priority areas for the sustainable development of Reggio Emilia’s peri-urban areas, as well as their recommendations in terms of working approaches and strategies.

Moreover, a preliminary proposal for the definition of Reggio Emilia’s local action plan was presented and discussed with the Municipality’s representatives. The main focus of proposal was the creation of an inter-department governance structure able to connect the manifold initiatives in the field of urban agriculture, by focusing in particular on 3 priority axes:

  • The innovation of local food supply chain
  • The enhancement of rural biosphere
  • The promotion of green transition among citizens

For each priority, some initiatives already in place at local level were identified to start mapping possible collaboration with local actors.

As such, the local action plan aims to be an ambitious proposal for integrate and promote the existing projects of Reggio Emilia territory, as well as to prepare the city to take on challenges and opportunities of the European Green Deal and of the Farm 2 Fork strategy. At the same, it might become an unprecedented opportunity to consolidate the international network with other European cities and open up new collaborations on the topics of sustainable development, local food production and biodiversity promotion.


Total of 17 participants:

  • Deputy Mayor for Sustainability of the Municipality of Reggio Emilia
  • Deputy Mayor for Commerce, Productive Activities, Development of the Historic Centre
  • Deputy Mayor for Housing and Partecipation
  • Heads of various services of the Municipality of Reggio Emilia
  • PROSPERA project team