One of the goals of the next LSG meeting organised by EDC Debrecen was to present their good practices showed during the study visit to Debrecen. On the other hand, they were able to provide an overview of the current situation of the project in a personal environment again.

IUDS (Integrated Urban Development Strategy) is in line with all domestic and EU policies, but it is not yet final, but it supports the goals that are reflected in the PROSPERA project. IUDS aims to make the city more resilient, better able to adapt to the challenges. The city management and city decision-makers resulted in the inclusion of the following 5 pillars in the content of the new IUDS under the umbrella of the resilient Debrecen:

  1. a prosperous city (economic development, SME development);
  2. a greening city (environment, climate change);
  3. digital city (digital transformation, smart city, organization of municipal databases);
  4. retention city (social network, housing, sports);
  5. serving city (infrastructure, transport).