Project Events

Business development and regional planning (SE)


Dialog about the strategic policy instruments

Type: Project

Stakeholder meeting in Aristotelis


Staeholder meeting was organised by the Municiaplity of Aristotelis.

Type: Project

Stakeholder meeting in Debrecen


EDC Debrecen has organised their second stakeholder meeting.

Type: Project

Stakeholder meeting in Reggio Emilia


Stakeholder meeting in Reggio Emilia: good practices, study visits

Type: Project

Stakeholder and internal meeting in Varberg


Stakeholder and internal meetings were organised by the Municipality of Varberg.

Type: Project

Launching event in Debrecen

05/02/2020 - 06/02/2020

Launching event was taken place in Debrecen for larger audience.

Type: Project

Developing healthy and prosperous urban eco-system


PROSPERA project was presented during the Interreg Workshop "Developing healthy...

Type: Project

Stakeholder meeting in Debrecen


Stakeholder meeting in Debrecen about the good practices stem from the regions

Type: Project

Kick-off meeting in Reggio Emilia

10/10/2019 - 11/10/2019

Presentations about the peri-urban regional context

Type: Project