Hosted online by Poliedra, the Prometeus partners have met online on June 19th 2020 to discuss the implementation of the Regional Action Plans, also in the context of the covid-19 pandemic and national and regional lockdowns.

Notwithstanding the slowing down of the implementation activities due to the coronavirus crisis hitting Europe, the vast majority of the activities of the 5 Regional Action Plans are well ongoing in Castile-Leon (Spain), Carinthia (Austria), Lazio (Italy), Malta and Presov (Slovakia).

In particular, activities concerning the incentives for the purchase of e-vehicles have been particularly successful both in Spain and Malta, elaboration of guidelines and renewal of pre-existing ones have followed suit smoothly in Italy and Spain, construction of roadside charging pillars has proceeded in Malta, licensing of e-buses has been particularly successful in Austria, training activities and e-vehicle sharing activities are well under way in Slovakia. 

No major disruption is expected in the forthcoming months, also because the pandemic itself has created the condition for a rethinking of economic incentives and a stimulus for behavioural changes in mobility.