Prometeus partners are reflecting on the challenges the covid-19 crisis is imposing on electric mobility and transport, with specific references to their own *Regions.

The opinion from Castilla y Leon, considering the situation in Spain as far as the covid-19 pandemics and the lockdown is concerned, is that electric mobility will face very high indirect effects from the lockdown. Electromobility is not a priority area right now and the policy responses in inhibiting the potentially permanent impacts of the crisis regarding the electromobility have been postponed.

On top of that, our partners in Castilla y Leon believe that there might be a trend of more private vehicles in the nearest future, because citizens see personal vehicles as safer than public transport.  Public transport is going to struggle to bring back ridership and convince riders that these mass shared environments can keep people safe from viruses. 

Moreover, electric vehicles still cost significantly more than conventional IC models and although the Spanish government offers incentives to help to offset this upfront cost, it still represents an important investment that many people, especially in the expected economic crisis following the lpandemics and the lockdown, could not be able to assume after this crisis.