Project partner Lazio has completed the first monitoring step of the implementation of its Regional Action Plan (RAP). 

Lazio's RAP is composed of one overarching activity dedicated to the construction and the refinement of the regional Guidelines for an Electro-Mobility Plan.

As foreseen in the Action Plan itself, and as registered in the project's Logbook, in Semester Vin December 2019 a new version of “Guidelines for Lazio Region Electro-Mobility Plan” has been elaborated. The document is structured in three main parts:

  • Part 1-Chapters 1-2-3: contains the EU, national and regional regulatory framework of electro-mobility sector;  
  • Part 2-Chapters 4-5: identifies the characteristics and the state of the art of the regional charging network, describes the policies supporting electro-mobility and the initiatives of private operators in the regional sector of recharging services;
  • Part 3-Chapters 6-7-8: identifies scenarios for the development of the recharging network, defines the implementation measures for the diffusion of electric mobility and provides suggestions to local authorities for the construction of recharging infrastructures in the regional territory 

In January 2020 Lazio Region will add the last modifications to the “Guidelines for Lazio Region Electro-Mobility Plan” in order to elaborate the Final Version of the Document.

The intention of Lazio Region is to formally adopt the “Guidelines for the Regional Plan for Electric Mobility” through a Regional Government Act as soon as possible, anyway long before December 2020 that is the deadline indicated in the Regional Action Plan.