Project partner Castilla y Leon – Directorate General Industry has completed its first monitoring milestone for the implementation of the Regional Action Plan (RAP). 

Advancement was reported on all the four Actions of the RAP, although the changed political context has required some further workings in the transfer of skills. In detail, the four Actions are reported as follows:

1) Action 1 - REGIONAL ACTION PLAN FOR ALTERNATIVE ENERGY VEHICLES IN CASTILLA Y LEÓN: the new political landscape in Castilla y Leon has led to a strategic review of the “Regional Action Plan for Alternative Energy Vehicles in Castilla y León” to ensure alignment in the direction of the new Government and to involve more bodies to increase effectiveness, efficiency and impact.

2) Action 2 - PURCHASING INCENTIVE PROGRAMME: the Action is ongoing, and the first quantitative results are expected for the beginning of 2020.

3) Action 3 - INCOME TAX DEDUCTION: the Action is ongoing, and the first quantitative results will be available at the end of the fiscal year, towards the end of 2020.

4) Action 4 – TRAINING: ongoing. First expected results by the end of 2020; there is strong commitment of the Region on the advancement of the Action.