On June 19th, in the context of the 2019 EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW), Prometeus has co-hosted, with the Platform for E-Mobility, the session 'What will fuel tomorrow's mobility?', dedicated to the policy and practical aspects of electric mobility.

The session was held at 4pm in the Jenkins Room of the Charlemagne building in front of a full house. and was structured in two intertwined round tables, the first mostly dedicated to policies facilitating the promotion and uptake of electric mobility, and the second focusing on practical cases of on-the-field e-mobility projects. 

The first round table, entitled 'Where do we want to go?' hosted contribution by ABB, ENEL, the OECD and DG Climate Action. The focus has been on facilitating infrastructures, on tax incentives and subsidies, as well as on considering the whole value chain of e-mobility. 

The second round table, 'How do we get there?' , saw the presentation of the main aspects of Prometeus Regional Action Plans, deriving from the interregional knwoledge exchange, as well as the interventions from project Alpine Space e-Moticon and from the S3 Safe and Sustainable Mobility. 

AP Poliedra draw some conclusive remarks, focusing the attention on placing e-mobility in the wider discourse on energy efficiency and storage, and on the creation of smart sustainable district.

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