The Prometeus partnership has met in Slovakia on May 13-16th, hosted by the self-governing District of Prešov. 

The events encompassed the project's Steering Committee, the Focused Meeting between Malta and Castilla-Leon, field visits to electric mobility initiatives in the High Tatra region of Eastern Slovakia and the Interregional Workshop dedicated to the presentation of good practices in e-mobility in the District of Prešov. 

Two sessions of the meeting, prepared and moderated by advisory partner Poliedra, have been specifically allocated to the common work on the finalisation of the Action Plans, the preparation of which is well under way in all five regions of Malta, Castilla-Leon, Carinthia, Lazio and Prešov.

One session was dedicated to the discussion of the feedback received by the Secretariat on two of the partnership's Action Plans already submitted for consideration, so that the partners could better re-orient and refine their own work; a second session was dedicated to the mutual presentation of the Action Plans with a specific focus on the implementation in Phase 2 and the common monitoring procedure, based on indicators of performance, indicators of result and milestones.