The workshop gathered 30 participants, including representatives of regional and local policy-makers, universities, regional technical centers, charging managers and businesses related to electromobility. The workshop involved dissemination of the main actuations carried out by the rest of Prometeus partners in Malta, Carinthia, Prešov and Lazio that we collected from the Interregional Workshops, the Field Visits and the Focused Meetings, together with the identification of good practices in Castilla y León which can be transferred to other partners.

The event was divided into four sessions:


• Innovation projects:


  • o MySMARTLife, CLEAN FLEETS, EDUSI, DigiPal (Palencia’s digital platform project) presented by The City Council of Palencia.
  • o MOVELETUR presented by the Regional Entity of the Energy of Castile and León (EREN)).
  • o FREE-MOBY project presented by CIDAUT.
  • o TT-Transforming Transport, REMOURBAN and URBAN-AIR presented by CARTIF(@CARTIF)).
  • o URBAN-AIR and Programa_CYTED presented by University of Valladolid (@UVA).


• The vision of Electricity companies and charging managers: represented by Iberdrola (@Iberdrola) and Fenie Energia (

• Charging ahead: Electric-vehicle infrastructure represented by ABB (@ABB), Easycharger (@easychargerES), Orbis (@orbisenergiainteligente) and SENAE.