On 16 October 2018 the IV Interregional Workshop and Field Visits were held in Rome.

The IV Interregional Workshop has been organized in the morning at the headquarters of Rome Mobility Services, the Mobility Agency of Rome Municipality.

Many different stakeholders have been invited by Lazio Region in order to offer to Prometeus partners a range of local BPs as complete as possible.

During the Workshop, the following Best Practices undertaken in Lazio Region territory have been llustrated to project partners:

 Lazio Region-“Electric mobility: infrastructure of the regional territory”

 Rome Mobility Services - “Electric Mobility Plan for Rome”

 Lazio Region Road Company (ASTRAL) - “Autonomous Solar Road”

 Lazio Region branch of National Association of Italian Municipalities – “Project EV-Energy – Programme Interreg Europe”

 Rome IX Town Hall - ELVITEN Project –Horizon 2020 Programme

 Share’Ngo – “Electric car sharing in Rome”

 National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development – “Research activities on Sustainable Mobility”

 Pole for sustainable mobility – “Pilot project Life for Silver Coast- Programme LIFE”

 GLS express courier - “GLS Think Green”