The Region of Lazio will have the pleasure to be the host of the Prometeus’ events of the Fourth Semester, scheduled in Rome for October 15-17th 2018.

The events will include the project’s Steering Committee, the Interregional Workshop with stakeholders from Lazio, the Field Visits organised to show the partners some of the good practices existing in the region and most namely in Rome concerning electric mobility, and the Focused Meeting between hosts Lazio and Prešov, to delve into specific issues of e-mobility of interest among the two partners.

The field visits include a meeting with the mobility agency of the Municipality of Rome, during which the electric mobility plan will be presented and it will be possible to visit the operations center.

The focus of Prometeus’ Fourth Semester will be on Regional Action Plans, in preparation for the project’s Second Phase. The partners will discuss the Preliminary Action Plans and will discuss on how the previous work on Good Practices Collection and Sharing, as well as the previous Field Visits and Focused Meetings, have inspired them in drafting specific actions for their Action Plans.