To give you insight in how PROMETEUS operates, we may write some articles about the basics of what we do. For now, let us describe what we mean when we talk about "Action Plans".

One of the main goals of PROMETEUS is to promote a way of action that respects regional distinctions while benefitting from good practices other regions implemented. To achive this we draw up regional Action plans, which are going to be one of our main concerns in the semesters to come.

These aim to improve the addressed policy instruments of each region, to further promote e-mobility. In them, the partners describe and define how they will implement good practices in their policies, to further this sustainable alternative to conventional forms of mobility. The project partners already did some preliminary assessment of promising areas of action. These include: intergration of e-mobility in strategies, incetives, awareness raising, research and Innovation. As of now, the project is currently in phase 1, meaning the action plans are being prepared, taking into account these promising areas of action, as well as the individual experience of project partners.

After devising the action plans, the project will move to Phase 2. Now the Partners will utilize the LogBook, a web-based monitoring tool, where the progresses of the regional action plans will be recorded and monitored. This way, maximum benefits for all project partners can be ensured.