The first PROMETEUS Workshop was held by Transport Malta and representatives of two main stakeholders of electromobility in Malta. The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure was represented by Ing. Stefan Calamatta, while Mr. David Zammit represented Solar Solutions Ltd.

At the beginning of the workshop, PROMETEUS’ advisory partner held a presentation on the methodological framework of preparedness and needs. Consequently, all partners were provided a template to carry out their own preparedness and needs self-assessment, which could then be shared with the others. Finally, Poliedra’s representatives stressed that the partners should focus on education through awareness raising, research and innovation.

Afterwards, a discussion between the participants was held, which included the stakeholders’ representatives and their respective contributions. The two main points mentioned were the problems running tenders for charging pillars and industry and consumer standpoints on e-mobility. Mr. David Zammit shared his experiences on the problems of running tenders without exact specifications and special needs decided on beforehand, as there had been problems in Malta with charging pillars installed in less than ideal ways. Subsequently, the discussion about e-mobility and consumer standpoints was kicked off by a question about taxi drivers who vehemently criticize electric vehicles. Some of the main conclusions of this part of the discussion were that unsound consumer opinions can be changed by actual practical experience, and that saving money through the use of EVs is one of their strong points.

After some further presentations and discussion, the workshop concluded with the local stakeholders describing some of Malta’s electric vehicle projects and giving information on the upcoming site visit.