The Governing Council of Regional Government of Castilla y León approved the Regional Strategy for Alternative Energy vehicles in Castilla y León on the19th November 2020. Following a long and intense process, where the contributions made during the public information process by representative entities, citizens, institutions and organizations have been taken into account, as well as those raised by the different ministries, the text was finally approved, which reflects the commitments undertaken through the PROMETEUS Project.

PROMETEUS project offered a unique opportunity within our region for exchange and networking, and the possibility to promote initiatives related to electromobility. Many of the measures and actions to be implemented included in the strategy are inspired in all the lessons learnt due to the participation in PROMETEUS.


The Regional Strategy aims to promote the use of alternative energy vehicles and develop the necessary infrastructure for these vehicles. In short, the aim is for Castilla y León to become one of the regions of technological reference at a national level in the alternative energy sector in its triple aspect: vehicles, components and infrastructures.


The three axes on which the Strategy is developed (industry, infrastructure and market) involve measures that will contribute to the achievement of some goals whose purpose is to promote the growth, leadership and future of the Castilla y León automotive sector.


With the work carried out within the PROMETEUS project through the good practices exchange and the interregional learning process, the General Directorate of Industry had the opportunity to develop the Regional Strategy for Alternative Energy Vehicles in Castilla-León based on Castilla-León Action Plan to support electric mobility.