Regional Government of Castilla y León had the honor of participating as a speaker in the Webinar "Mobility Workshop", organized by CARTIF Technology Center, intending to share results, lessons learned and outcomes and findings to enable a wider community to benefit from our work. The General Directorate of Industry introduced the Prometeus project and presented Castilla-León Action Plan.


The webinar was divided into three sessions:

PART I: European projects

• Smart City projects

• Green e-motion

• MySmartLife

• Prometeus Project.



PART II – Charging infrastructures

• Nottingham: Charging infrastructure

• Spain: Charging infrastructure

• Valladolid: A Green and Sustainable City


PART III: Monitoring of electric vehicles and charging infrastructures

• GMV: Aftermarket applications for electromobility

• CARTIF Mobility monitoring platform

• Zenpark: SmartParking solutions for new mobilities