Project News

Action Plans at the centre of the events in Prešov


The Prometeus partnership has met in Prešov, Slovakia, for the meetings of...

Type: Project

Regional Event for students in Lazio


Lazio has organised a Regional Dissemination Event presenting e-mobility to...

Type: Project

5th RCSW held in Palencia, Castilla y León


The Regional Government of Castilla y León hosted the fifth RCSW5 in Palencia.

Type: Project

Presentation of Prometeus to a Chinese delegation


Lead Partner Transport Malta has presented Prometeus to the Shenzhen Bus...

Type: Project

Action Plans - in depth discussions ongoing


In depth discussion between Poliedra and *Regional partners are ongoing with a...

Type: Project

Castilla 4th Regional Workshop in Zamora


Castilla y León organized the fourth Stakeholder Workshop in Zamora.

Type: Project

Castilla third Regional Workshop in Ávila


Regional Government of Castilla y León organized the third Stakeholder Workshop...

Type: Project

2nd Regional Dissemination Event was held in Burgos


Castilla y León hosted the second Regional Dissemination Event in Burgos.

Type: Project

Exhibition of Historical Vehicles


Castilla and León participated in the exhibition "The historical vehicle: an...

Type: Project

PROMETEUS presented at Movisop 2018


The PROMETEUS project was presented at the 1st Sustainable Mobility Fair in the...

Type: Project

4th Interregional Events hosted by Regione Lazio


The IV Interregional Workshop and field visits were organised by Regione Lazio...

Type: Project

Lazio - 3rd Regional Stakeholder Workshop


Lazio Region's 3rd Stakeholder Workshop was held in Rome on 17 October 2018.

Type: Project