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Peer Review Event in Latvia

31 May - 02 Jun 2021
Clock 09 : 00 - 13 : 00 CEST
Location In person | Rīga, Latvia
By Project DigiBEST
From 31 May to 2 June 2021, the activities of the DigiBEST project Peer Review continued - this time from the leading partner country - Latvia. In order to further study the situation of Latvia in the Digital Transformation of SMEs and to provide in-depth experience and recommendations on how to improve digital transformation policies for SMEs, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development (Ministry) organized two-day interviews and discussions with Latvian stakeholders - digital policy makers and implementers.
Two experts from Norway and Austria tried to find out the real situation in a very impressive way, conducting in-depth research and making independent conclusions and proposals on the following issues of the ministry, their potential inclusion in the Latvian Business Digital Regional Roadmap and Action Plan:
• Raising awareness among entrepreneurs of the benefits of using ICT solutions in business.
• Improving the availability of information on the support instruments and programs offered by the government.
• Avoiding information fragmentation.
• Development of entrepreneurial competencies and corporate environment.
• Integrating digital transformation and cybersecurity issues into business support initiatives.
• Promoting public administration cooperation with entrepreneurs and NGOs by planning and implementing national digital policy initiatives and developing national ICT solutions for entrepreneurs.
• Improvement of Latvian DESI 2020 indicators for at least the Human capital and Integration of digital technology DESI indicators.
During Peer Review Final event on the third day, experts concluded – good range of activities in Latvia already underway to support the adoption of basic digital skills within companies, Latvia has comprehensive approach to digital skills development at a whole of community level. Responsibilities are clearly defined and strategies at the national level are well articulated. Representatives from Austria and Norway observed a good potential for Digital Innovation Hubs as a mechanism for coordinating the digitalization work. Meanwhile consortiums appear to bring together a variety of actors - technology providers, industry partners in other sectors, universities, and state actors.
Experts suggested to consider a stronger role for private consultants to increase capacity and continuity in the digital transformation process. And to create a clearer and more substantial role for regional actors within digitalization and skills development.
Currently experts are preparing a full Peer Review Report, which will include variety of recommendations to include in the Latvian Business Digital Regional Roadmap and Action Plan.