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CECI Lead Partner Volunteering in Lahti Finland

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01 Oct 2021
Clock 00 : 00 - 00 : 00 CET
Location In person Finland
By Project CECI

Day of volunteer action and making good

CECI Lead Partner LAB University of Applied Sciences is organizing a volunteering day, workers at LAB are encouraged to spend an hour or half a day volunteering in Lahti, Finland. Thus supporting a sense of community by providing the LAB staff with the opportunity of voluntary activities to contribute to a charity and to doing good together. CECI team in Finland is eager to help as CECI Lead Partner volunteered one hour in may 2021 to try out a local good practice and to clean up the environment in the bay area in Lahti, read about it more here.

All volunteer activities are carried out safely by following Covid-19 restrictions and guidelines.
The options are to participate in supporting either environmental/nature or well-being of elderly people. Everyone chooses the most suitable way for themselves to participate. Volunteering work of 1-3 hours, depending on the subject, is done during the working day. Activities may be for example outdoor recreation of elderly people or other recreational activities, garbage collection, or natural area management. LAB will be helped by a number of partner organizations who organize voluntary activities with selected themes in the Lahti, Lappeenranta and Mikkeli regions.

Is volunteering familiar to you already? Or have you maybe thought about it, but haven't had time to give it a go yet? Now get inspired and start volunteering in your own region.  you can also participate by yourself, for example by organizing your own trash walk in the surroundings of your neighborhood.

Take a look at CECI good practices and get inspired by circular good practices. Read more about Lahti Green Capital 2021 here.