About the project

Urban mobility encompasses diverse aspects such as traffic management, urban planning and environmental impact reduction converge.

Planning, management and regulation are a great challenge in which a key ally must be the use of the information that is generated in cities on a daily basis - Big Data.

The analysis of mobility patterns, predictive actions and adaptive reconfiguration of traffic control systems, together the creation of collective or individual public transport alternatives can have a transformative effect on the urban areas leading to cleaner cities with less vehicles, with a smoother mobility and less consumption of territory and non-renewable resources.

This is especially relevant in small, high density, urban areas and even more so in protected (heritage or otherwise) or unprotected historical cities where encompassing the different needs of the different stakeholders involved is an ongoing challenge with specific difficulties to be addressed.

Types of partners you are looking for

Public authorities of small, high density, urban areas in protected (heritage or otherwise) or unprotected historical cities.

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