About the project

With the objective of the transition to a low carbon economy, some European countries and regions are developing -in separate ways, by different administrations- bioeconomic policies involving the forest sector. Forest products should be more and more used as an efficient way to promote the transition to a low carbon economy as they allow to capture CO2 for a long term; to reduce air pollution through a more sustainable industrial process; a waste drastic falling; to improve energetic efficiency; to support the sustainable forests management. This project aims to advance regional and national policy processes and implementation in relation with a greater use of forest products. The main expected outcomes are:
-Increase the share of forest products in our economies
-Take into account the forest sector as a bioeconomy important player in all planning and decision making
-Lay the groundwork for future integrated regional bioeconomy strategies and programmes involving the forest sector.

Types of partners you are looking for

Policy makers bodies interested in empowering forest products demand driven, as a part of bioeconomy strategy.
Public entities involved in improving projects selection criteria, tenders or procedures related to forest products use.
Research centres concerned in supporting SMEs, through enhancing supply quality and competitiveness for forest products, or facing technical and bureaucratic procedures

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