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Cooperation and combined planning will develop strategies to reinforce: the coordination between the interregional and transnational territory; the economic social environmental sustainability; Awareness knowledge, protection of the natural and cultural resources. They are focusing on in the rupestrian cultural heritage.
Build and live in rock, is a cultural phenomenon, characteristic of many civilization that discerns territory and varied people, Europeans and in the World.
Pilot projects will encourage the economy redevelopment of rupestrian areas or underground structures (caves) inside to the urban and rural settlements, often based along the canyon ravines-graves-caves, at the front of the sea. Requalify urban systems and infrastructures for viability and hydro, means put in security the places, people and opportunity for job, and smart technology for a Km 0 transnational culture. Rupestrian itinerary for enrichement of underdeveloppement territories.

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Tourisme economy developping from Poitou - Charentes (F)

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