About the project

The project aims to secure functional and future-oriented mobility concepts for rural areas, which contribute to the maintenance of the living quality. Currently, around 20 percent of the European population lives in rural areas. These are increasingly characterized by demographic change, migration of young popula-tion, centralisation of service and commercial entities and the insuffi-cient connection of villages and parts of the towns by public transport. Within the project, strategies and policy instruments of the partner regions that are relevant for mobility in rural areas, will be examined and recommendations for improvement and further development will be given. These recommendations will be partly based on solution ap-proaches developed in the project, i.e. a methodology for a needs as-sessment for public transport in rural areas and the development of instruments, for the adaption of existing transport solutions to regional and local needs in areas inadequately connected.

Types of partners you are looking for

European national, regional and local authorities, which are respon-sible for the development of regional policy instruments and strategies in the field of sustainable mobility in rural areas.

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