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The Sendai Framework recognizes the value of preserving cultural heritage but also enhances its economic/social value. A risk assessment framework developed for immovable cultural assets is needed to addresses all the components in a multi-risk analysis.
1. The general idea is to establish a standard methodology for assessing what level of risk does a cultural asset has, when exposed to a certain hazard.
2. A priority task is to establish a vulnerability scorecard. A first step will be an analysis in several European locations and several natural hazards.
3. Create solutions aiming the increase of resilience in cultural assets to natural events, enhanced by a climate change scenario.
4. The creation of a platform for modeling risk scenarios and designing prevention solutions in an open interface system promoting the sharing of good practices.
5. The establishment of national guidelines for the implementation of preventive measures and intervention prioritization.

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Government Bodies, Local Municipalities, Universities

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