About the project

LEADER Local Development Strategy (LDS) was designed through a bottom-up approach and implement by ANKA.
In the Regional Unit of Karditsa has developed a “Local Ecosystem of Social Enterprises (SE)”. The main pillars of it are:
1) The “Collaboration Incubator” is providing Business Development Support (BDS) Services to the local SE, building their investment readiness capacity. Incubator provides a «Certificate of the Investment Readiness» to the social enterprises, which are ready to implement their business plans.
2) Given this Certificate, the Cooperative Bank of Karditsa provides loans or guarantees to the SE.
3) After the implementation of their business plans, the SE stay in the Ecosystem, contributing to the training and the networking of the new SE.
Our target is to improve the procedures and the relationships between the stakeholders of the “Local Ecosystem of SE”, in order to improve the planning and the implementation of the LDS progamme, maximizing its impact.

Types of partners you are looking for

Partners that are responsible to plan and manage the LEADER Local Development Strategy (LDS) or similar policy instruments (e.g. Development Agencies) of other European countries

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