About the project

This project has been adjusted to recommendations. All partners eligible for funding and willing to apply tools of the Sitges Model, tailored-fitted to their own territories. Some partners with capacity to contribute in the environmental sustainability scheme in forest, land, urban conservation and protection to the benefit of EU citizens/residents in the fulfilment of Europe 2020 targets and in the scope of existing European cooperation schemes in environmental affairs. A strategy for local community development with an innovative system based on citizenry participation towards optimization of all types of resources available in full compliance with EU targets within the Europe 2020 Program. Citizens as its first priority, SOCIAL INNOVA (SI) is aimed at demonstrating the value of European regional cooperation through know-how and social benefit sharing, never neglecting the maximum performance of each Euro invested from different EU funding sources.

Types of partners you are looking for

With Sitges Town Council as project leader, STRATOS SEIS has designed a unique cooperation strategy based on interregional experience exchange. Ten partners (municipalities, agencies & entities) interested in sustainable community development with the citizens as its priority thru social innovation with common EU resources management policy are now awaiting instructions.

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