About the project

REDDERE is all about optimum SME performance within the scope of sustainable enterprise development. Instead of shear individual competitiveness. The "+ " sign stands for working together towards the best route towards optimum SME performance and quality job-creation. Fulfillment of Europe 2020 & Agenda 2030 objectives is set as a goal for entities that join this network. A special focus will be given to intergenerational experience exchange, in the scope of EU youth employment schemes in Circular Economy. We also wish to implant disruptive innovation thru RIS3 following the RIS3Cat model applied by the Regional Government of Catalonia for public services & supplied by SMEs.

Preparing for next Call. We have already some potential prtners.

Types of partners you are looking for

Those enterprises willing to learn from other SMEs' experiences and deliver their own input thru shared training program and on-site exchange stays. Availing of ERASMUS+ financing is included in the strategic scheme. Circular Economy is a MUST and sustainable mobility an PLUS.

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