About the project

Hydrogen has been identified as a key priority area to achieve the goals of the European Green Deal, e.g., establishment of a clean and circular economy, and to accomplish Europe’s clean energy transition. Many regions across Europe started with developing regional green hydrogen economies or so called hydrogen valleys. It is expected that development of such green hydrogen economies will foster sustainable growth and jobs. Public authorities can play an important role in enhancing the growth and competitiveness of SMEs by unlocking the potential of regional hydrogen economies to SMEs.
What policy instruments should be developed, improved, and applied in order to facilitate entrepreneurship and engagement of SMEs in development of regional green hydrogen economy, what, in turn will enhance growth and competitiveness of SMEs and job creation in SMEs? What governance system should be established to facilitate innovation and entrepreneurship in the regional hydrogen economy?

Types of partners you are looking for

Public authorities interested in developing and improving policy instruments aiming at enhancing of the growth and competitiveness of SMEs within developing regional hydrogen economies (thus, preferably regions that are developing (or aiming at) regional green hydrogen economy.

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