About the project

The creative center for building communities in Presov region. The idea of the project is to build up an infrastructure for the ecological creative industry. Infrastructure will contain at least 10 centers with one "capital", in Presov. The capital center will educate in eco-innovative approach for craft making, for working with waste materials, and to transcript old cultural heritage specific for each city, where the center will be built up, in the new ecological way, the idea to preserve traditional craft production but bring ecological aspects to it. The main center Presov will also be a training center for textile upcycling, given that Presov is known for its historical tradition of sewing clothes. Therefore, we want to restore what we have to teach people to do ecologically but to cherish the old heritage as well. The center will offer equipment for work, we will focus on machines that ordinary people cannot afford. We also plan to support 3D printing from biodegradable materials

Types of partners you are looking for

creative industry, sustainable development, smart cities, eco-innovations

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