About the project

1) In its rural areas, each partner will:
> involve the public and the population to reflect on the cultural and social innovation (​LandKulTour dialogue​). The goal is the equal participation of all population groups in the dialogue project of rural areas, and that a "we-feeling" arises in the village. (motto: "We make something of ourselves for ourselves".)
> organise ​cultural events ​together with the population and encourage the citizen participation.
Example of cultural activities that could be developed in each partner’s rural areas in order to encourage the population to participate:
2) A ​feasibility study about the conceptual development of the cultural use of historical or cultural buildings monuments or places in nature in rural areas​

Types of partners you are looking for

Approximately 6 partners, across Europe. Could be public and private institutions, foundations. Skills required in:
- the European funding area (Interreg / EU-funding / Erasmus)
- the areas of cultural tourism, culture (Music and Performance, literature ..)
- the area of monument conservation (Development and model application of new methods, processes and products)
- digital presantations

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