About the project

A new business model for rental housing for the elderly

Many older people live alone, but would like to accompany their daily lives. On the other hand, relatives may be concerned about the well-being and well-being of the elderly. Service housing would seem like a hassle-free solution, but for many, the cost of service housing is overwhelming. Older people lack a safe and affordable housing option that would bring joy and well-being to people's lives.

The SenioriSolu ™ Homes concept is a new rental housing model that aims to secure and enhance the housing and well-being of the aging population. SenioriSolu ™ Homes provides high quality housing at no exorbitant cost.

In practice, SenioriSolu ™ Homes provides communal rental housing in standard apartment buildings. The apartments are designed to be accessible to provide a safe and meaningful home for as long as possible.
The cost of the services needed around the home are shared between tenants.

Types of partners you are looking for

International partners from Europe.
The goal of my product development work is to develop the Seniori Cell ™ Home business model into an international export product. Product development work is done through a sustainable development project that I have set up, which goes beyond industry boundaries.

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