About the project

The overall objective is to identify, analyse, examine, exchange, document and transfer best practices, policies and strategies for the preparation and delivery of investments in low-carbon public transport systems, such as urban rail rapid transit - light rail/tramway systems and accompanying measures, through innovative strategies for sustainable mobility, contributing towards a low-carbon economy, with energy efficiency, decarbonisation, socio-economic cohesion, climate, urban & regional sustainable development policies.

To transfer best practices, policies and know-how from cities that have Tram/LRT systems in operation or are currently in various stages of implementation and/or upgrading, to cities that are considering the introduction of modern Urban Transit systems and to exchange experience among cities regarding Tramway/LRT system introduction, funding and implementation advances, extension and/or upgrading/modernisation procedures with policy change and contribution to SDG

Types of partners you are looking for

Metropolitan authorities, Transport authorities, Mobility agencies, Government departments, inc, cities with Light Rail Transit / Tramways in need of upgrading/modernisation/extenstions, or in cities that have strong intentions and existing initiatives to develop such LRT / Tram Urban Transit systems with low-carbon investments in sustainable mobilty, feasibility studies and implementation needs.

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