About the project

The project FIR4SME main objective is to support the implementation of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (FIR) or Industry 4.0 principles to the construction Small Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) of the European countries in order to improve their level of innovation and competitiveness. The project creates a network at the international level to share case studies and best practice and provide support and guidance for construction SMEs to upgrade their skills and tools in order to raise their capacities.
The specific objectives will be the following:
1. To identify challenges and opportunities of industrial production (including prefabrication, 3D printing, and assembly, offsite and advance manufacture) and how these challenges and opportunities can impact the business model of SMEs.
2. To evaluate what infrastructure and requirements, both hardware and human resources, are needed for SMEs.
3. To create a network to identify and share practical aspects of the implementation p

Types of partners you are looking for

Local Authorities, Local Enterprise Partnerships, and Construction SMEs

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