About the project

Europe DIGITAL hub is a European network open to the world, with a shared vision to generate value with values ​​and free from a local approach.
We will develop a web and network in social networks with complementary activities:
- Intervention in training and employment events.
- Publication and channel eWorld Aldizkaria, publication of general information for the diffusion in Basque of the digital transformation.
- Training Guide, aimed at all the training fabric and companies.
- Meetings of collaborative culture.
- Talks of digital orientation and internationalization in Training Centers.
- Sign an agreement for technological development in the Blockchain ecosystem with ALASTRIA and the realization of a major event
- Activation of the TEKNIKA program that takes Blockchain to the entire management of vocational training and serves as a connection with companies, to facilitate digital transformation.
- Dissemination of the Erasmus + program in Basque FP.

Types of partners you are looking for

Institutions or organizations involved in digital and / or collaborative economy

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